The steps of a judicial collection procedure

It sometimes happens that no amicable approach leads to a convincing result. In this case, LegalCity can assist you in taking legal action. The most effective and quickest way to start is with a payment order.

The order to pay

There are two cases: either your debtor is a company, in which case the competent court is the commercial court, or your debtor is a private individual, in which case it is the district court. Click here to see our offers

Rate for a company debtor : 99 € HT

  • Final Registered Letter with Return Receipt
  • Obtaining an order for payment from the commercial court
  • Telephone support by a dedicated contact person

Rate for a private debtor : 79 € HT

  • Final Registered Letter with Return Receipt
  • Obtaining an injunction to pay from the district court
  • Telephone support by a dedicated contact person

The meaning

Once the order for payment is obtained, LegalCity proposes to manage the transfer of the file to one of its partner bailiffs in order to serve it on the debtor:

Rate for any type of file: 129 € HT

  • Verification and transfer of supporting documents to the partner bailiff
  • Service of the order for payment by the bailiff on your debtor
  • Follow-up and update of the file, availability of the bailiff's service of documents in your LEGALCITY customer area

The Opposition

Once the writ is served by the bailiff, your debtor will have one month to file an opposition with the Court.

In this case, LEGALCITY can put you in touch with a partner lawyer who will be able to assist you in your case.

Rate for contacting a specialized lawyer: 69 € HT

For this rate, are included :

  • The cost of contacting a partner law firm
  • Verification and transfer of the voucher slip
  • Follow-up of the file in your customer area

Fees are at the discretion of the lawyer and depend on his specific analysis of the situation.

Please note that you can also go to the hearing alone. You will simply have to pay a provision for the costs of the Tribunal of about 100 Euros. Add to this the constitution of a list of documents to be sent to your debtor before the hearing. We can offer you this service at 49 Euros HT on simple request.

Service with an executory formula

After the one month opposition period, we will request and obtain the enforcement formula on the order from the Court. Legalcity proposes to manage the relationship and the follow-up of the file with the partner bailiff in charge of the execution.

Price : 69 € HT

This includes:

  • The application and obtaining of the executory formula on the order for payment at the end of the opposition period
  • Follow-up and administrative management of the relationship with the partner bailiff
  • Management of funds and retrocession in case of a successful enforcement procedure from the escrow account

This order will have to be served by a bailiff and you will have to set aside a sum of 350 Euros for all the actions that he will have to carry out.

These actions will include:

  • Service of the order with the executory formula
  • The order to pay before seizure-sale leaving a period of 8 days to your debtor to execute
  • The FICOBA search to find all the bank accounts held by your debtor in France
  • The procedure of seizure and sale and freezing of bank accounts

For more information visit our Complete Guide to Debt Collection