Management of unpaid invoices

Optimizing the Management of Unpaid Invoices: A Guide for Accountants with LEGALCITY

As a chartered accountant, managing accounts receivable and controlling customer aging are crucial to your company's financial health. Faced with the challenges of unpaid invoices, it's essential to implement effective strategies to minimize losses and maximize recovery. This article will guide you through the process, highlighting the use of LEGALCITY, an online collection agency, to optimize your operations.

1. Customer workstation overhaul

a. Ageing balance analysis

The first step for accountants is to carry out an in-depth analysis of the customer ageing balance. Identify unpaid and overdue invoices, categorizing them according to how long they have been outstanding. This analysis will enable you to determine which receivables are at risk, and what action needs to be taken to recover them.

b. Identifying unpaid invoices

Examine unpaid and overdue invoices to determine the reasons for non-payment. This may include customer cash flow problems, disputes or simply late payment. Understanding the causes will help you tailor your collection approach.

2. Managing unpaid invoices

Customer aged-balance review by chartered accountants

Customer aged-balance review by chartered accountants

a. Communication with the customer

Initiate an open dialogue with the customer concerned. Often, payment arrangements can be made to avoid more cumbersome procedures. Use clear, professional communications to explain the consequences of non-payment.

b. Setting up payment plans

Offer flexible payment plans based on the customer's financial situation. This can make it easier to settle arrears while preserving the customer relationship.

3. Write-off and certificate of irrecoverability with LEGALCITY

a. When to switch to Loss?

When an invoice remains unpaid despite all collection attempts, it may be necessary to write it off. This implies a reduction of the receivable in the company's accounts.

b. Working with LEGALCITY

LEGALCITY offers a transparent solution for writing off uncollectible invoices. By working with this online collection agency, you can obtain a certificate of uncollectibility, an essential document for tax and accounting considerations.


Effective accounts receivable management is a vital aspect of a company's financial health. By working with specialist partners such as LEGALCITY, accountants can optimize their collection processes, minimize losses and ensure sound receivables management.

Optimize your financial operations today by integrating these best practices into your approach to managing unpaid invoices. LEGALCITY is here to support you every step of the way, making receivables management a seamless and efficient process.

LEGALCITY enables chartered accountants to offer cash management and debt collection services to their clients.

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