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Sole proprietorship

How to choose between the Sole Proprietorship, the Self-Enterprise and the EIRL ?

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You are alone in your activity? Do you want to test your market before jumping into the deep end of entrepreneurship?

Bailiffs and collection agencies under the eye of the DGCCRF

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The DGCCRF notes anomalies in the commercial practices of bailiffs and collection companies.

Corporations: responsibilities and obligations as of April 1, 2018

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The declaration of beneficial owners - or natural persons - makes it possible to determine who really controls the company.
business start-ups

Business start-ups at their highest level since 2010

In 2017, 591,000 businesses were created in France, 7% more than in 2016.
Contributions in kind

Contributions in kind: what's new in 2017, everything you need to know

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The creation of a company is an alchemy based on the meeting of several elements: an idea at the origin of the project, one or several people eager to carry it out. To this must be added assets that are pooled...
Trade and Companies Register

Statistical Observatory of the Trade and Companies Register

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Trade and Companies Register Infogreffe presents statistical data on company creation. This statistical observatory deals with registrations and deregistrations carried out by the clerks of the Commercial Courts...
Pact Law

Loi Pacte: the government's plan to boost businesses

Simplifying business creation, incorporating societal and environmental issues, encouraging innovation: Europe 1 had access to a first version of the Pact law.