LEGALCITY announces a partnership with INTUIT to facilitate out-of-court collections for businesses

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QuickBooks Partnership

Debt collection has never been easier since the arrival of LegalCity! It takes only 3 minutes to file a collection request.

That's why INTUIT has decided to form a strategic Quickbook partnership with LEGALCITY. Quickbooks users can now connect from the LegalCity application to their QuickBook account to download all their unpaid invoices!

You then select all the debts that need to be collected and LegalCity takes care of collecting them for you.


QuickBooks Partnership Release:

INTUIT France announces a partnership with Legalcity to facilitate the amicable recovery of companies

Paris, February xx, 2019 - Intuit, the world leader in management solutions for VSEs and publisher of the QuickBooks cloud solution, continues its conquest of the French business ecosystem and announces its partnership with Legalcity.

Legalcity is a platform for assistance with formalities for small and medium-sized businesses, the self-employed and entrepreneurs. By partnering with Intuit, Legalcity's objective is to save time for entrepreneurs in their collections, and to protect their cash flow by providing them with amicable digitalized collection solutions.

100% web-based collections management in a few clicks

The partnership between Intuit and Legalcity aims to facilitate collection requests, without the need for seizure. Legalcity takes care of the complete management of unpaid invoices thanks to a team of specialists in amicable collection who take care of 100% of the necessary reminders (telephone, email, SMS, mail and formal notice). The Legalcity service includes the assignment of a dedicated collection agent for each client, and opens an unlimited number of collection files for them.

The solution, which offers contractors the management fee, also offers them the lowest commission on the market (9%) and does not require a minimum flat fee.

Finally, Legalcity guarantees to carry out "amicable" reminders, to always preserve the commercial relationship with the clients.

The connection between Legalcity and QuickBooks accounts is simple, and only requires the creation of an account on the Legalcity website.

The Quickbooks software then allows you to retrieve the overdue invoices, select the invoices to be entrusted to Legalcity and click on "launch the collection request". All the files can then be followed directly from the Legalcity client area.

"This partnership is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs, to whom we offer the opportunity to manage all unpaid invoices very simply. We provide them with a global and 100% web-based vision of their financial management and, of course, a significant saving in time and money," says Julien Blaise, Intuit France Marketing Manager.

"We are very happy to be associated with the know-how of the Intuit group and proud to bring the skills of our debt collectors whose permanent concern is to preserve the cash flow of small and medium-sized companies. The partnership with QuickBooks is a further step in the democratization of debt collection for entrepreneurs. Thanks to this integration, they will be able to download and collect all their unpaid invoices in a few clicks, free of charge, without any seizure" declares Etienne de Fontainieu, President of Legalcity.

QuickBooks, the preferred partner of entrepreneurs

Since its arrival in France, QuickBooks has partnered with many players from the French startup ecosystem (TheFamily, 50 Partners, Small Business Tech ...). Intuit is very attentive to its customers' needs, continuously improving its solutions and providing them with numerous tools to help them. Intuit's open solution has become very popular throughout the world and now has more than xx million users. France intends to accelerate its development and quickly position itself as the reference platform for VSE applications in France.


Press contact - AGENCE RAOUL :

Sibylle de Villeneuve,, 06 45 29 58 57

Béatrix Prades,, 06 69 42 48 30

About Intuit:

Founded in 1983, Intuit is an American company and the world leader in online management solutions for small businesses, with 80% market share in the US. With 8,200 employees worldwide (US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India ...), Intuit had a turnover of $5.2 billion in 2017 and has over 46 million customers. Present in France since 2016 with its QuickBooks solution, which has 3 million users worldwide, Intuit is a partner of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Ordre des Experts Comptable and is 100% compliant with the 2018 anti-fraud law.

About LegalCity

Legalcity is a platform for assistance with administrative and legal formalities for small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed people and entrepreneurs. With hundreds of satisfied customers, Legalcity provides innovative solutions for simple, fast and cost-effective debt collection for small businesses.




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