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Optimize your debt collection:

Optimize your debt collection: Why use a specialized debt collection agency? Optimize your debt collection ? The modern economic landscape is a land of challenges and opportunities, but it's also one of...
order for payment

ODALYS and the unpaid rent case

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The health crisis has had a severe economic impact on many sectors, including the real estate market. Commercial landlords have been particularly affected by administrative closures, reductions in activity...
Seizure and sale procedure

The seizure-sale procedure after the order to pay at LEGALCITY!

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LEGALCITY assists small and medium-sized businesses in the amicable and judicial collection of their unpaid debts. Amicable reminders, injunctions to pay, contact with a network of partner bailiffs for the seizure and sale procedure.
cash management

Cash management, the main cause of failure for young companies

You are a self-employed entrepreneur, a small or medium-sized business owner, or you work as a freelancer and you are regularly faced with cash flow problems? This may not reassure you but you are not the only one! Sometimes...
order for payment

The injunction to pay: instructions for use

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Recovering an unpaid debt can be done through a bailiff or a collection agency.