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Recovery of unpaid bills from a French debtor

Recovery of unpaid bills from a French debtor

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When you are a foreign company with unpaid debts to a French debtor, it can be difficult to recover your money. LEGALCITY is a SAAS platform for amicable and judicial debt collection in France that ensures a simple, fast and economical intervention
Intracommunity VAT number

How to find the VAT number ?

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The intra-community VAT number: history and explanation The intra-Community VAT number (VATi) is a fiscal identifier that allows companies to exchange goods and services within the European Union (EU) without having to register their...

The 2021 selection of CFO SAAS tools and applications enhanced by LEGALCITY

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Frédéric DUPUY, co-founder with Etienne de Fontainieu of the 100% digital debt collection agency LegalCity, had to present their selection of tools and SAAS applications for business managers.
The effectiveness of "Name and Shame" by the DGCCRF

Preserving cash flow: more than ever the sinews of war

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In these turbulent times, the control and monitoring of your cash flow are essential to ensure the sustainability of your company and avoid default. When we talk about cash flow, we think about WCR (Working Capital Requirement)...
unpaid check

Bankruptcy of the debtor: Creditors, what are your rights and how to protect yourself?

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With the health crisis we are experiencing, and despite the support of the State for the most affected sectors, a significant number of social plans and collective procedures are expected to fight against the bankruptcy of the debtor. 2021...
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Solvency and Scoring: effective tools to prevent non-payment The study of the solvency of its suppliers or commercial partners and prospects allows to prevent unpaid invoices and it is a highly recommended tool. In order to...
Corporate solvency

Corporate solvency, how to prevent non-payment  

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It is highly recommended to study the creditworthiness of your business partners to protect yourself against non-payment. For that, you can easily, like the large companies, resort to external providers who deliver you a...