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Small claims collection

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Collecting unpaid small claims can be a long and complicated process. Fortunately, there is a simplified collection procedure for debts of less than €5000. In this article, we will explain...
Intracommunity VAT number

How to find the VAT number ?

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The intra-community VAT number: history and explanation The intra-Community VAT number (VATi) is a fiscal identifier that allows companies to exchange goods and services within the European Union (EU) without having to register their...
Gayssot Law - Legalcity

Bailiffs: regulated fees and strict ethical obligations

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trust does not exclude control. Under this somewhat outdated adage, we can only be pleased that an organization like the DGCCRF - Ministry of Economy, through its controls and publications, can investigate the good and bad practices of #collection firms and #husbanders!
legalcity collection

Cash flow problems: How can debt collection help you effectively?

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Unfortunately, cash flow problems are frequent for small and medium-sized businesses and debt collection by a professional is often neglected. These problems can occur for various reasons, such as unpaid invoices,...
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A little more than a year after the reform of the injunction to pay procedure, Legalcity takes stock for you:

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One year after the reform of the injunction to pay procedure, LEGALCITY, the online collection agency, wishes to shed some light on the matter. Between useful adjustments and attempts by bailiffs to maintain their level of remuneration, we look back at a reform that has no effect on the speed of the procedure.

The 2021 selection of CFO SAAS tools and applications enhanced by LEGALCITY

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Frédéric DUPUY, co-founder with Etienne de Fontainieu of the 100% digital debt collection agency LegalCity, had to present their selection of tools and SAAS applications for business managers.
The effectiveness of "Name and Shame" by the DGCCRF

Preserving cash flow: more than ever the sinews of war

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In these turbulent times, the control and monitoring of your cash flow are essential to ensure the sustainability of your company and avoid default. When we talk about cash flow, we think about WCR (Working Capital Requirement)...
Small unpaid receivables

QuickBooks, the accounting software partner of LegalCity

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More and more cloud solutions are allowing entrepreneurs to automate their daily tasks, such as collections with LegalCity, and billing and accounting with QuickBooks. Establishing a connection between 2 solutions...
Unpaid invoice - debt collection

Unpaid bill: what to do?

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a founder of a small business or an employee of a large corporation, an unpaid invoice can affect your business. If you are confronted with this situation, you will have to find a solution to recover the amount...
Gayssot Law - Legalcity

The Gayssot Law Explained by LEGALCITY to Road Transporters 

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Principle of the Gayssot law The law n° 98-69 of February 6, 1998 aiming at improving the conditions of exercise of the road transport profession, known as the "Gayssot law", protects the subcontracted professionals of the transport sector...