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legalcity vs. debt collection software

Collection agency vs. Software

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Debt collection is a major concern for many businesses, and finding the best method of recovering unpaid funds is essential to maintaining robust financial health. With this in mind, many companies are turning to debt collection software to help them with this task. However, it's important to understand the differences between collection software and a collection agency, and why the latter can offer more convincing results.
Corporate solvency

Management of unpaid invoices

Effective accounts receivable management is a vital aspect of a company's financial health. By working with specialist partners such as LEGALCITY, accountants can optimize their collection processes, minimize losses and ensure sound receivables management.
order for paymentLegalcity

The advantages of the order for payment

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Why choose LEGALCITY for your injunction to pay procedure? Personalized follow-up: LEGALCITY offers personalized follow-up throughout the order for payment process. Their team of collection professionals is available to answer your questions and accompany you every step of the way. 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot: LEGALCITY is the only collection platform with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot. This is a testament to the satisfaction of customers who have used their services and reinforces their reputation as a trusted provider. Network of independent bailiffs: LEGALCITY has an extensive network of independent bailiffs throughout the region. This ensures that your order for payment procedure. Mediation in case of opposition: In case of opposition, LEGALCITY will immediately redirect you to a new online mediation platform in accordance with article 750 of the CPC which systematizes the use of mediation for disputes of less than 5000 Euros.
collective procedure

Impairment of bad debts

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When receivables are considered doubtful, companies are required to write them down. This depreciation is recorded as a loss on accounts receivable. It allows the value of the receivable to be realistically reflected in the company's accounts.
small claims collection and Legalcity

Small claims collection

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Collecting unpaid small claims can be a long and complicated process. Fortunately, there is a simplified collection procedure for debts of less than €5000. In this article, we will explain...
Intracommunity VAT number

How to find the VAT number ?

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The intra-community VAT number: history and explanation The intra-Community VAT number (VATi) is a fiscal identifier that allows companies to exchange goods and services within the European Union (EU) without having to register their...
legalcity collection

Cash flow problems: How can debt collection help you effectively?

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Unfortunately, cash flow problems are frequent for small and medium-sized businesses and debt collection by a professional is often neglected. These problems can occur for various reasons, such as unpaid invoices,...

The 2021 selection of CFO SAAS tools and applications enhanced by LEGALCITY

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Frédéric DUPUY, co-founder with Etienne de Fontainieu of the 100% digital debt collection agency LegalCity, had to present their selection of tools and SAAS applications for business managers.
Customer reminder - collection

Customer reminder: our advice for an unpaid invoice 

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The customers of small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed people are often customers with whom very special relationships have been established. The customers are often relatives, former business partners, but also people who have been in contact with the company...
Corporate solvency

Corporate solvency, how to prevent non-payment  

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It is highly recommended to study the creditworthiness of your business partners to protect yourself against non-payment. For that, you can easily, like the large companies, resort to external providers who deliver you a...