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Lease termination and eviction for unpaid rent after the Loi ELAN 

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The law ELAN No. 2018-1021 of November 23, 2018 for the Evolution of Housing, Development and Digital known as ELAN has the stated objective of "Improving the relationship between landlords and tenants" institutes a...
terms of payment

Payment terms and solutions provided by the legislator

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LegalCity is a 100% online legal and amicable debt collection agency that assists small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed in the collection of their overdue debts, both amicably and judicially through the injunction procedure...
collective procedure

Collective proceedings: how to react to a debtor?

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Tired of hearing pessimistic announcements about the economic situation every day? We understand you, but unfortunately, the life of a business owner during a COVID 19 pandemic requires you to be extra vigilant...

LME Act, payment terms

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The LME law or Law of Modernization of the Economy came into force on August 4, 2008 with the objective of boosting the economy in France. The reduction of payment terms and inter-company credits is one of its measures...
Customer reminder - collection

Customer reminder: our advice for an unpaid invoice 

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The customers of small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed people are often customers with whom very special relationships have been established. The customers are often relatives, former business partners, but also people who have been in contact with the company...
unpaid check

The unpaid check for lack of funds is an enforceable title

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While its use has largely decreased in Europe, the French remain attached to payment by check. However, this method of payment is not without consequences, since the beneficiary takes the risk of an unpaid check for...
recovery of unpaid bills

How to obtain recovery of unpaid bills?

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When a company is in business, some of its customers may not pay their invoices on time. Such a delay can have serious consequences for the company in question. Indeed, a delay in the payment of invoices can have serious consequences for the company...

Justice : Alternative Dispute Resolution 

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The Justicity platform gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from access to alternative dispute resolution methods in a simple, quick and economical way, mainly through mediation. Thus...