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terms of payment

Payment terms and solutions provided by the legislator

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LegalCity is a 100% online legal and amicable debt collection agency that assists small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed in the collection of their overdue debts, both amicably and judicially through the injunction procedure...
collective procedure

Collective proceedings: how to react to a debtor?

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Tired of hearing pessimistic announcements about the economic situation every day? We understand you, but unfortunately, the life of a business owner during a COVID 19 pandemic requires you to be extra vigilant...
application for an order for payment

The application for an order for payment

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When can I use the judicial collection procedure of injunction to pay? When you are sure that a debtor has refused to pay, the injunction to pay procedure can be used...
Customer reminder - collection

Customer reminder: our advice for an unpaid invoice 

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The customers of small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed people are often customers with whom very special relationships have been established. The customers are often relatives, former business partners, but also people who have been in contact with the company...

How and why should Insurers quickly integrate Mediation into their Legal Protection offer? 

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With the advent of the Justice Act 2019-2021, mediation has taken on a more noble status and has gone from being an "alternative dispute resolution method" (ADR) to a "full-fledged" means of dispute resolution, open to all parties...

Until now, mediation has been little used and is finally taking off with Justicity, the online mediation platform! 

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The law for the reform of justice of March 23, 2019 allows the judge to order the parties to meet with a mediator, including in summary proceedings, and extends the prior obligation to attempt an amicable resolution prior to referral...
Company assistance

State aid COVID19

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In these exceptional and unprecedented circumstances, Legalcity is mobilized to communicate all the useful information put in place by the State for the companies and those that you are with us creditor or debtor. I/Help...
unpaid rent

Procedure for unpaid rents

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When the owner notices unpaid rents, he must first contact his tenant in an amicable way. He can also directly contact the tenant's guarantor and/or his unpaid rent insurance...
lawyers' fees

Lawyers' fees: the revolution is underway!

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Like many businesses, law firms are subject to market changes that call into question their traditional pricing methods.