The advantages of the injunction to pay: Why call on LEGALCITY for an effective procedure?

When you are faced with unpaid debt collection problems, it is essential to find a quick and effective solution. One of the most advantageous methods of getting your money back is the order for payment procedure. In this article, we will explore the advantages of the injunction to pay and emphasize the importance of using a collection professional, in particular the LEGALCITY platform, which offers personalized follow-up, is rated 5 stars on Trustpilot and has a network of independent bailiffs.

the advantages of the order for payment

the advantages of the order for payment

The advantages of the order for payment :

  1. Speed and efficiency: The injunction to pay is a fast legal procedure that allows you to obtain an enforceable title in record time. Compared to other legal procedures, it offers reduced delays, which accelerates the process of collecting your debts.
  2. Simplicity and accessibility: Theinjunction to pay procedure is relatively simple and does not require any presence in court. It can be initiated online, which makes it accessible to everyone, whether you are a company or an individual.
  3. Enforceability: Once obtained, the order for payment constitutes an enforceable title. This means that it allows you to use coercive means to recover your money, such as seizing the debtor's property.
  4. Reduced costs: Compared to a traditional court procedure, the order for payment is generally less expensive. It saves you time and money by avoiding lengthy and costly court hearings.
  5. Preservation of the business relationship: The injunction to pay offers the advantage of preserving the business relationship with your debtor. Because the procedure is initiated by a third party, the debtor is less likely to take the situation personally, which can help maintain a future business relationship.

Why choose LEGALCITY for your injunction to pay procedure:

  1. Personalized follow-up: LEGALCITY offers personalized follow-up throughout the order for payment process. Their team of collection professionals is available to answer your questions and accompany you every step of the way.
  2. 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot: LEGALCITY is the only collection platform with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot. This is a testament to the satisfaction of customers who have used their services and reinforces their reputation as a trusted provider.
  3. Network of independent bailiffs: LEGALCITY has an extensive network of independent bailiffs throughout the region. This guarantees that your order for payment procedure.
  4. Mediation in the event of opposition: In the event of opposition, LEGALCITY will immediately redirect you to a new online mediation platform in accordance with article 750 of the CPC, which systematizes recourse to mediation for disputes of less than 5,000 Euros.

When all amicable procedures have been exhausted, theinjunction to pay is the fastest and most economical procedure to recover unpaid bills.

The LEGALCITY platform is a reliable and innovative platform that will allow you to recover your unpaid bills at a lower cost.


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