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Definition: the injunction to pay is a procedure allowing a creditor to obtain from a judge an enforceable title in order to recover his debt. It is a fast and inexpensive legal procedure.

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The advantages of the order for payment

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Why choose LEGALCITY for your injunction to pay procedure? Personalized follow-up: LEGALCITY offers personalized follow-up throughout the order for payment process. Their team of collection professionals is available to answer your questions and accompany you every step of the way. 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot: LEGALCITY is the only collection platform with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot. This is a testament to the satisfaction of customers who have used their services and reinforces their reputation as a trusted provider. Network of independent bailiffs: LEGALCITY has an extensive network of independent bailiffs throughout the region. This ensures that your order for payment procedure. Mediation in case of opposition: In case of opposition, LEGALCITY will immediately redirect you to a new online mediation platform in accordance with article 750 of the CPC which systematizes the use of mediation for disputes of less than 5000 Euros.
order for paymentLegalcity

A little more than a year after the reform of the injunction to pay procedure, Legalcity takes stock for you:

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One year after the reform of the injunction to pay procedure, LEGALCITY, the online collection agency, wishes to shed some light on the matter. Between useful adjustments and attempts by bailiffs to maintain their level of remuneration, we look back at a reform that has no effect on the speed of the procedure.

The principle of compulsory representation by a lawyer and the injunction to pay procedure

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Representation by a lawyer is, in principle, mandatory for any claim exceeding €10,000 before the judicial court (article 760 of the Code of Civil Procedure) or the commercial court (article 853 of the Code of Commercial Procedure).
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The application for an order for payment

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When can I use the judicial collection procedure of injunction to pay? When you are sure that a debtor has refused to pay, the injunction to pay procedure can be used...
Seizure and sale procedure

The seizure-sale procedure after the order to pay at LEGALCITY!

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LEGALCITY assists small and medium-sized businesses in the amicable and judicial collection of their unpaid debts. Amicable reminders, injunctions to pay, contact with a network of partner bailiffs for the seizure and sale procedure.