Interview with Frédéric Dupuy - LegalCity in 2023: the 100% digital solution to solicit the services of a collection agency

Frédéric Dupuy, CEO of LegalCity, presents to FinMag the 100% digital collection solution developed by LegalCity.

The origins of the LegalCity platform?

LEGALCITY is a SaaS debt collection platform developed by LIVE.DIGITAL, a software editor specialized in the resolution of disputes for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for individuals.

Before creating the start-up LIVE.DIGITAL, Frédéric Dupuy was an administrative and financial director. Often, company managers complained about a lack of cash flow or cash flow difficulties, and thought that it was a lack of profitability of their activity.

His first interventions were naturally to look at the customer aged balance, to calculate the WCR and the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and very often he realized that a part of the cash flow was found in the unpaid invoices and receivables.

During one of his missions, he met Etienne de Fontainieu who was able to help him create a 100% digital platform on the internet allowing to request the services of a digitalized collection agency. Legalcity was born.

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