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Small unpaid receivables

More and more cloud solutions allow entrepreneurs to automate their daily tasks, such as collections with LegalCity, and invoicing and accounting with QuickBooks. Establishing a connection between 2 complementary solutions like QuickBooks and LegalCity appeared to be an obvious way to make the management of small businesses even easier.

Which solution to manage unpaid bills and reminders?

Invoices, management of unpaid bills, reminders... These tasks require (a lot of) time! Why not optimize it with a digital solution? It is possible toautomate invoicing and reminders to leave you more time for higher value-added missions, such as advising your customers!

According to a study conducted by Shine, an online business bank, 48% of self-employed people have to have to deal with late payments of more than 30 days. This figure even exceeds 50% for VSEs with more than 20 employees.

How to manage your unpaid invoices? How do you follow up with your customers to pay their invoices? If there is no miracle solution, there are however simple methods to ensure your accounting and maintain your cash flow. For example, the use of an invoicing and accounting software!

Manage your cash flow with QuickBooks accounting software

To properly manage late paymentsIn order to manage late payments, turning to an invoicing and accounting software like QuickBooks is an ideal solution for :

  • manage invoicing, unpaid bills and reminders (with a few clicks!);
  • automate the management of your expenses by taking pictures of your expense reports;
  • monitor your cash flow, your turnover and your dashboards in real time.

It can be tricky to send a message to your customers to ask for payment of a late invoice. Do not hesitate to invest in a software adapted to manage reminders and unpaid invoices ! On QuickBooks, you can use (and customize according to your needs) a reminder template, designed to maintain a good commercial relationship with your customers.

With QuickBooks, you can check your cash flow whenever and wherever you want: available on computer, the software can also be downloaded on smartphone! A great way to always keep an eye on your overdue invoices. The best part? Connect your bank account so that each new cash receipt is automatically associated with the corresponding invoice!

You want to know more about management of your unpaid invoices and the automation of reminders ? Discover all the offers of QuickBooksthe ally of entrepreneurs.

Why connect LegalCity and QuickBooks?

LegalCity and QuickBooks have joined forces to help you manage unpaid invoices and reminders. Two solutions that complement each other to bring you a simple and simple and efficient solution QuickBooks takes care of invoicing and reminders, and LegalCity takes over in case of unpaid invoices. A two-in-one solution!

L'LegalCity application application is connectable to QuickBooks, a real time saver to manage collections, billing and accounting. Consolidate your unpaid invoices, control your payment delays, and also call upon a specialist in amicable collection ! (And take advantage of the partnership to benefit from a commission of only 9%!)


Save time managing your unpaid invoices and reminders with a digital solution tailored to your needs. QuickBooks, an invoicing and accounting software, connects to LegalCity to create a complete and easy to use offer. Managing your cash flow has never been easier!

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