Publications by Florent Bronchain

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Payment terms and solutions provided by the legislator

LegalCity is a 100% online legal and amicable debt collection agency that assists small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed in the collection of their outstanding debts, both amicably and judicially, using the dematerialized injunction to pay procedure. Regularly confronted with questions from companies that are victims of unpaid debts, LegalCity proposes to give an update on the LME law [...].

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Collective proceedings: how to react to a debtor?

Tired of hearing pessimistic announcements about the economic situation every day? We understand you, but unfortunately, the life of a business owner during the COVID 19 pandemic forces you to be extra vigilant and to monitor the evolution of the economic and financial situation of your partners. At LegalCity, we have put at your disposal [...]

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Customer reminder: our advice for an unpaid invoice 

The customers of the VSEs/SMEs and self-employed are often customers with whom very privileged relationships have been established. The customers are often relatives, former business partners but also people co-opted by acquaintances. Finally, when a new professional orientation is chosen, it is even possible that the customers are former colleagues or bosses [...]

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Corporate solvency, how to prevent non-payment  

Studying the solvency of your business partners to protect yourself against non-payment is highly recommended. For this purpose, you can easily, like the large companies, resort to external service providers who deliver a complete financial report and a precise evaluation of the credit risk, or make an estimation of the solvency of the company yourself by having the necessary financial information. [...]

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QuickBooks, the accounting software partner of LegalCity

More and more cloud solutions allow entrepreneurs to automate their daily tasks, such as collections with LegalCity, and invoicing and accounting with QuickBooks. Establishing a connection between 2 complementary solutions like QuickBooks and LegalCity appeared to be an obvious way to facilitate the management of small businesses. Which solution for [...]