Why use a collection company? 

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You are an entrepreneur or a self-employed person and are confronted with the problem of unpaid funpaid debts.

After having tried to collect your debts yourself, you should know that more and more of you are calling upon an amicable debt collection company capable of preserving your customer relations.

A collection company offers the best alternative to companies that do not have the means to have a permanent employee specifically dedicated to debt collection and that wish to avoid costly legal proceedings of which they do not master the ins and outs and especially the associated costs.

It is interesting at this stage to list the advantages and of using a collection company.

Information is availables on the site www.service-public.gouvYou can also go further by going here to discover the different steps: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2272

Speed up the amicable process of collecting your unpaid debts with a collection company

You've decided to use a collection collection company and you've chosen an expert professional who will preserve your customer relationship.

The debt collection processes carried out by the firm allow us to quickly contact your debtor and to establish a new contract.er contact with your debtor without you having to intervene.

You no longer have to worry about the time you have to spend on the amicable collection of your debts since the agents of the firm agents take care of everything and take charge of all the collection cycles. The management of unpaid debts is thus delegated to a collection professional and you can count on the follow-up of the entrusted files.

A collection company has more authority than you!

The collection company that you will have chosene natively has much more authority than that given to you by recalcitrant debtors.

You will quickly notice that the intervention of an amicable collection agency allows for a faster and more efficient relationship with the non-paying client who will be more available when the steps are taken, whereas in the past he had kept silent.

A specialized trusted third party such as a collection company allows to establish a personalized dialogue based on intermediation and allows to conclude more faster to reach amicable amicable payment agreements.

A collection company does not damage customer relations and satisfaction

By using a collection company, lof business owners and self-employed people is that they self-employed is to lose the confidence of their customer and to risk a conflictual relationship leading to the termination of all commercial relations.

Well, the opposite is happening!

The consequences are quite different for your business!

Contrary to what you might think, using a collection agency has a positive impact on your customer relationships.

In addition to putting a professional and an expert in the collection of amicable debts in touch with each other and freeing up the time of the administrative and commercial teams, this solution gives a more professional dimension to your collection actions.

Finally, another argument that should not be neglected and should be kept in mind in the context of amicable procedures: immediately entrusting your amicable approach to a bailiff or a lawyer risks being perceived negatively by your debtor client and these solutions should only be used if the amicable procedures of the collection firm fail.

Free up your internal resources and focus your efforts on your business through the use of a collection company

The wrong idea is to entrust an internal person with a task for which there has not yet been any success.

We repeat: Start to recover your unpaid debts yourself, but once the difficulties to recover them are noted, do not delay in entrusting them to a specialized amicable collection companye.

In order to relaunch your receivables efficiently, methodically and psychologically, you will have to take a lot of time and the wrong idea is to monopolize your salesman on this task task knowing that that debt collection is a real profession and requires the implementation of specific communication techniques.

You need to free up time internally and delegate your out-of-court collection process externally.

You only pay a commission on success

An amicable collection company will have a strong obligation of means towards its client.

Indeed, the greater the means implemented and the more time spent with your debtors the will be will be as well. Lhe collection agency will give itself chances of success. And it is only on this success that it will base its remuneration.

The principle of the remuneration of the collection agency is simple since as soon as it will collect on its escrow account declared to the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of the sums of your debtor, a retrocession will be carried out taking account of the collected sum decreased by the commission whose rate will have been communicated to you beforehand.

It is always good to specify that a collection company, unlike bailiffs and lawyers, will always favour amicable collection solutions before accompanying you in a legal collection procedure andand to make you you the benefit of its experience and itson network of judicial partners.

It should be noted that collection agencies such as LEGALCITY can offer you various additional services such as a Mediation service with its JUSTICITY (www.justicity.com) but also a network of bailiffs (www.leximpact.fr) or a network of lawyers (www.callalawyer.com)

As you can easily understand, delegating this difficult and thankless task to a 100% digitalized collection agency such as LEGALCITY is a wise and economically profitable management decision.

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