The health crisis has had a significant economic impact on many sectors, including the real estate market. Commercial lessors have been particularly affected by administrative closures, reductions in activity and deferred rent payments. On June 30, 2022, the French Court of Cassation issued a decision that changed the legal landscape of commercial leases in France. This decision concerns ODALYS' unpaid rents and the means available to lessors to recover their money. In this article, we will analyze this decision and explain how lessors can obtain an enforceable order to pay via the collection website LEGALCITY.


The decision of the Court of Cassation which condemns Odalys :

The Court of Cassation issued a decision on June 30, 2022 in the ODALYS unpaid rent case.

In this case, the lessors asked the judge to declare the termination of their commercial lease and to order ODALYS to pay the arrears of rent.

The question that arose was whether lessors could benefit from the stay of enforcement proceedings during the state of health emergency.

The Court of Cassation answered in the negative and decided that the lessors could obtain an enforceable order for payment as long as the legal conditions were met.

Implications of the decision for owners and lessors:

The decision of the Court of Cassation has important consequences for lessors who have not been paid by ODALYS.

It confirms that landlords can initiate proceedings to collect unpaid rent during the state of health emergency.

This decision allows lessors to pursue enforcement proceedings and get their money back more quickly.

Lessors can now obtain an enforceable order for payment via the online collection site LEGALCITY.

How to obtain an enforceable order for payment via LEGALCITY?

LEGALCITY is an online debt collection website that allows creditors to collect their debts in an efficient and fast way.

To obtain an enforceable order for payment via LEGALCITY, lessors must follow these steps:

  1. Enter in 5 minutes a form divided into 3 steps
  2. Enter their personal details so that they can be identified.
  3. Enter the amount of the debt to be collected and the name of the debtor.
  4. Validate the application for an enforceable order for payment by paying the collection fees directly online.
  5. A customer area is created and allows you to upload documents to the file.

The payment order procedure is simple, fast and efficient. In addition, you will find on the LEGALCITY collection agency website

the necessary information by clicking on this link: https: //

LEGALCITY is the only collection firm with a 5-star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on the TRUSTPILOT verified review site.

Thus, many lessors have been able to quickly retrieve an order from the Courts and enforce the decisions.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at for information.


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