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Corporate solvency

ODALYS and the unpaid rent case

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The health crisis has had a severe economic impact on many sectors, including the real estate market. Commercial landlords have been particularly affected by administrative closures, reductions in activity...
The effectiveness of "Name and Shame" by the DGCCRF

Effectiveness of the DGCCRF's "Name & Shame

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The latest publication of the DGCCRF has been released: It concerns its activity of control of the payment periods of the Companies. Legalcity wonders about the efficiency of the "Name and Shame" of the DGCCRF. The DGCCRF is the most...
Seizure and sale procedure

The seizure-sale procedure after the order to pay at LEGALCITY!

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LEGALCITY assists small and medium-sized businesses in the amicable and judicial collection of their unpaid debts. Amicable reminders, injunctions to pay, contact with a network of partner bailiffs for the seizure and sale procedure.

Observatory of payments by French companies

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Large Companies are once again put on the spot as part of the 2018 Assises sur les délais de paiement.
order for payment

The injunction to pay: instructions for use

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Recovering an unpaid debt can be done through a bailiff or a collection agency.

Corporations: responsibilities and obligations as of April 1, 2018

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The declaration of beneficial owners - or natural persons - makes it possible to determine who really controls the company.
Contributions in kind

Contributions in kind: what's new in 2017, everything you need to know

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The creation of a company is an alchemy based on the meeting of several elements: an idea at the origin of the project, one or several people eager to carry it out. To this must be added assets that are pooled...
Trade and Companies Register

Statistical Observatory of the Trade and Companies Register

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Trade and Companies Register Infogreffe presents statistical data on company creation. This statistical observatory deals with registrations and deregistrations carried out by the clerks of the Commercial Courts...
Corporate solvency

The great anger of the auditors

Accounting professionals will demonstrate on May 17. They are opposed to the provision of the Pact bill which plans to remove the presence of the auditor in SMEs. A measure that will force them to rethink their profession.