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unpaid rent

ODALYS and the unpaid rent case

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The health crisis has had a severe economic impact on many sectors, including the real estate market. Commercial landlords have been particularly affected by administrative closures, reductions in activity...

Lease termination and eviction for unpaid rent after the Loi ELAN 

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The law ELAN No. 2018-1021 of November 23, 2018 for the Evolution of Housing, Development and Digital known as ELAN has the stated objective of "Improving the relationship between landlords and tenants" institutes a...

Recover your goods and merchandise quickly in the event of an unpaid invoice

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Update on the retention of title clause: There is a clause that we often forget to implement even though it can guarantee you, not the payment of your unpaid debt but to recover the...
unpaid rent

Eviction for unpaid rent: the rules will change

the law on housing will modify the procedure of termination of the lease related to the unpaid rent In case of unpaid rent, eviction is a procedure often initiated. It is estimated that 160,000 eviction decisions are taken...