List of articles having a link with the amicable and judicial debt collection. The debt collection is a step that a creditor carries out in order to obtain from his debtor that he pays a debt.

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Optimize your debt collection:

Optimize your debt collection: Why use a specialized debt collection agency? Optimize your debt collection ? The modern economic landscape is a land of challenges and opportunities, but it's also one of...
legalcity collection

Cash flow problems: How can debt collection help you effectively?

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Unfortunately, cash flow problems are frequent for small and medium-sized businesses and debt collection by a professional is often neglected. These problems can occur for various reasons, such as unpaid invoices,...
The effectiveness of "Name and Shame" by the DGCCRF

Effectiveness of the DGCCRF's "Name & Shame

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The latest publication of the DGCCRF has been released: It concerns its activity of control of the payment periods of the Companies. Legalcity wonders about the efficiency of the "Name and Shame" of the DGCCRF. The DGCCRF is the most...
terms of payment

Payment terms and solutions provided by the legislator

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LegalCity is a 100% online legal and amicable debt collection agency that assists small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed in the collection of their overdue debts, both amicably and judicially through the injunction procedure...
collective procedure

Collective proceedings: how to react to a debtor?

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Tired of hearing pessimistic announcements about the economic situation every day? We understand you, but unfortunately, the life of a business owner during a COVID 19 pandemic requires you to be extra vigilant...
application for an order for payment

The application for an order for payment

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When can I use the judicial collection procedure of injunction to pay? When you are sure that a debtor has refused to pay, the injunction to pay procedure can be used...

Debt collection: Is mediation a mandatory prerequisite for legal action?

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Clients who use Legalcity SAS appreciate the ability of this online collection agency to resolve the most complex situations and to find amicable solutions to late payment problems...
Seizure and sale procedure

The seizure-sale procedure after the order to pay at LEGALCITY!

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LEGALCITY assists small and medium-sized businesses in the amicable and judicial collection of their unpaid debts. Amicable reminders, injunctions to pay, contact with a network of partner bailiffs for the seizure and sale procedure.
amicable collection

All about the amicable debt collection procedure

What are the advantages of such a procedure? In a collection procedure, the amicable approach is the first obligatory step. Its objective is to remind the debtor of the existence, the nature and the importance of the...