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legal redress

Legal redress

When a company's cash flow is no longer sufficient to settle its debts, it may declare a cessation of payments (also known as filing for bankruptcy) with a commercial or judicial court. Following this...
legalcity collection

Cash flow problems: How can debt collection help you effectively?

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Unfortunately, cash flow problems are frequent for small and medium-sized businesses and debt collection by a professional is often neglected. These problems can occur for various reasons, such as unpaid invoices,...
unpaid rent

Eviction for unpaid rent: the rules will change

the law on housing will modify the procedure of termination of the lease related to the unpaid rent In case of unpaid rent, eviction is a procedure often initiated. It is estimated that 160,000 eviction decisions are taken...

Observatory of payments by French companies

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Large Companies are once again put on the spot as part of the 2018 Assises sur les délais de paiement.