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Contributions in kind

Bailiffs: regulated fees and strict ethical obligations

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trust does not exclude control. Under this somewhat outdated adage, we can only be pleased that an organization like the DGCCRF - Ministry of Economy, through its controls and publications, can investigate the good and bad practices of #collection firms and #husbanders!
cash management

Cash management, the main cause of failure for young companies

You are a self-employed entrepreneur, a small or medium-sized business owner, or you work as a freelancer and you are regularly faced with cash flow problems? This may not reassure you but you are not the only one! Sometimes...

Observatory of payments by French companies

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Large Companies are once again put on the spot as part of the 2018 Assises sur les délais de paiement.
order for payment

The injunction to pay: instructions for use

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Recovering an unpaid debt can be done through a bailiff or a collection agency.
Contributions in kind

Contributions in kind: what's new in 2017, everything you need to know

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The creation of a company is an alchemy based on the meeting of several elements: an idea at the origin of the project, one or several people eager to carry it out. To this must be added assets that are pooled...