All the news about amicable and judicial debt collection. Learn all the details of the injunction to pay procedures before the competent commercial courts. Rules and guidelines of the sector, figures and best practices of the profession.

Debt collection is a process that a creditor carries out in order to obtain from his debtor the payment of a debt. Generally, it is an invoice for a product sold or a service rendered. The collection can be obtained either in an amicable way, or in a judicial way by means of an injunction to pay to a court.

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collection company - why do 1

Why use a collection company? 

You are a small business owner or self-employed and are confronted with the problem of unpaid invoices. After having tried yourself to collect your debts in vain, you should know that you are more and more numerous...
Corporate solvency

Corporate solvency, how to prevent non-payment  

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It is highly recommended to study the creditworthiness of your business partners to protect yourself against non-payment. For that, you can easily, like the large companies, resort to external providers who deliver you a...
Unpaid invoice - debt collection

Unpaid bill: what to do?

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a founder of a small business or an employee of a large corporation, an unpaid invoice can affect your business. If you are confronted with this situation, you will have to find a solution to recover the amount...
unpaid check

The unpaid check for lack of funds is an enforceable title

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While its use has largely decreased in Europe, the French remain attached to payment by check. However, this method of payment is not without consequences, since the beneficiary takes the risk of an unpaid check for...
Gayssot Law - Legalcity

The Gayssot Law Explained by LEGALCITY to Road Transporters 

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Principle of the Gayssot law The law n° 98-69 of February 6, 1998 aiming at improving the conditions of exercise of the road transport profession, known as the "Gayssot law", protects the subcontracted professionals of the transport sector...
recovery of unpaid bills

How to obtain recovery of unpaid bills?

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When a company is in business, some of its customers may not pay their invoices on time. Such a delay can have serious consequences for the company in question. Indeed, a delay in the payment of invoices can have serious consequences for the company...

How and why should Insurers quickly integrate Mediation into their Legal Protection offer? 

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With the advent of the Justice Act 2019-2021, mediation has taken on a more noble status and has gone from being an "alternative dispute resolution method" (ADR) to a "full-fledged" means of dispute resolution, open to all parties...

Debt collection: Is mediation a mandatory prerequisite for legal action?

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Clients who use Legalcity SAS appreciate the ability of this online collection agency to resolve the most complex situations and to find amicable solutions to late payment problems...

Until now, mediation has been little used and is finally taking off with Justicity, the online mediation platform! 

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The law for the reform of justice of March 23, 2019 allows the judge to order the parties to meet with a mediator, including in summary proceedings, and extends the prior obligation to attempt an amicable resolution prior to referral...