All the news about amicable and judicial debt collection. Learn all the details of the injunction to pay procedures before the competent commercial courts. Rules and guidelines of the sector, figures and best practices of the profession.

Debt collection is a process that a creditor carries out in order to obtain from his debtor the payment of a debt. Generally, it is an invoice for a product sold or a service rendered. The collection can be obtained either in an amicable way, or in a judicial way by means of an injunction to pay to a court.

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Cash management, the main cause of failure for young companies

You are a self-employed entrepreneur, a small or medium-sized business owner, or you work as a freelancer and you are regularly faced with cash flow problems? This may not reassure you but you are not the only one! Sometimes...

Bailiffs and collection agencies under the eye of the DGCCRF

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The DGCCRF notes anomalies in the commercial practices of bailiffs and collection companies.

Observatory of payments by French companies

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Large Companies are once again put on the spot as part of the 2018 Assises sur les délais de paiement.
order for payment

The injunction to pay: instructions for use

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Recovering an unpaid debt can be done through a bailiff or a collection agency.