All the news about amicable and judicial debt collection. Learn all the details of the injunction to pay procedures before the competent commercial courts. Rules and guidelines of the sector, figures and best practices of the profession.

Debt collection is a process that a creditor carries out in order to obtain from his debtor the payment of a debt. Generally, it is an invoice for a product sold or a service rendered. The collection can be obtained either in an amicable way, or in a judicial way by means of an injunction to pay to a court.

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Company assistance

State aid COVID19

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In these exceptional and unprecedented circumstances, Legalcity is mobilized to communicate all the useful information put in place by the State for the companies and those that you are with us creditor or debtor. I/Help...
unpaid rent

Procedure for unpaid rents

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When the owner notices unpaid rents, he must first contact his tenant in an amicable way. He can also directly contact the tenant's guarantor and/or his unpaid rent insurance...
Collection agency

The Debt Collection Agency: a pillar of your cash management strategy

The Debt Collection Agency: a pillar of your cash management strategy! In normal times, nearly 60,000 bankruptcy filings are registered by the Registries in one year! Nearly a third of these are due to...
collection between individuals

Debt collection between individuals

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Difficulties appear very often when a borrower refuses to return a sum of money lent. From then on, various recourses are offered to the lender to get his money back, it is the collection between individuals. To recover...
Seizure and sale procedure

The seizure-sale procedure after the order to pay at LEGALCITY!

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LEGALCITY assists small and medium-sized businesses in the amicable and judicial collection of their unpaid debts. Amicable reminders, injunctions to pay, contact with a network of partner bailiffs for the seizure and sale procedure.
debt recovery

Debt collection: trust and responsiveness

Preserving the customer relationship is important in order to be able to maintain a good business relationship with the debtor, who may be a long-standing partner, in addition to recovering money.
amicable collection

All about the amicable debt collection procedure

What are the advantages of such a procedure? In a collection procedure, the amicable approach is the first obligatory step. Its objective is to remind the debtor of the existence, the nature and the importance of the...
unpaid rent

Eviction for unpaid rent: the rules will change

the law on housing will modify the procedure of termination of the lease related to the unpaid rent In case of unpaid rent, eviction is a procedure often initiated. It is estimated that 160,000 eviction decisions are taken...